Bridal Boudoir Photography on the Gold Coast

Bridal Boudoir may seem a bit taboo to some, especially of the older (or more conservative) generations but it is becoming increasingly popular and say YAY to that ! Its become quite a tradition for Brides and Grooms to exchange personal gifts on their wedding day and what better way to surprise and spoil your husband-to-be than with some gorgeous photos of yourself which you have had taken especially for him. I also feel that it celebrates a new age of bona fide woman! What is better than a Lady who is confident enough to embrace & celebrate her unique body and sexuality, personally I prefer it, if it is done tastefully… you know with a bit of class,and this is the service I offer my clients. However there are plenty other photographers offering a more risqué style shoot and if that’s your cup of tea, well then ladies,  sip away :)

Miss S did me the honour of capturing her in her bridal lingerie in the comfort of her home. It was a gloriously fun afternoon, with  music, a bit of wine and a whole lot of laughter – the key is not to take it too seriously  which Miss S didn’t, resulting in some really special images of which she looks absolutely stunning, natural, yet still stylish & tasteful.

We offer both Engagement and Boudoir sessions in most of our wedding packages but trust me you don’t need to get married to gift yourself with a boudoir session, all you need is a bit of courage and a few hours to spare and we will have you strutting your gorgeous self around in no time.


A Photo by GD Brisbane Boudoir PhotographerA Photo by GD Bridal Boudoir Photographer A Photo by GD Gold Coast Boudoir Photographer A Photo by GD Brisbane Boudoir Photographer


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