Brisbane Family Photographer | Family Fun in Country NSW

Being Australia Day, I thought it rather befitting to share the Lafferty family portrait session shot in the beautiful New South Wales countryside, in a small town called Jindera. This quant shire  offers it residents a simpler way of life with lots of open space, small holdings , farm animals and vegetation that is slow roasted into beautiful shades of green & gold by the relentless sun.

I had a lovely afternoon with the kids, who were only to happy to walk me around the fields, picking long strands of grass and being far less fearless of all the hidden creepy crawlies than I was. It certainly made me realise how much city life has softened me :) I absolutely love the first few pics between Father & Daughter, he was calming her down after a failed attempt at a solo shot in the long grass and was unaware of me & my lens capturing these special moments.

Hope you enjoy ,

X Gill – A Photo by GD , Brisbane Family Photographer

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