Brisbane Engagement Photographer | Tarryn and Izzy E-Session

I am really excited about this post, I just love engagement shoots… I dont know if its because the couples are always so in love or that I always seem to get such fabulous clients !! When Tarryn made the initial enquiry about their engagement shoot we started to discuss theming and she mentioned that she would like something with a bit of a country feel as her fiance Isaiah was a farm boy from NSW. Now to be honest, I wasn’t too sure where to begin without having to travel for miles and miles to find our own little piece of “Country”, so off on a location scouting mission I went ! After driving around Belmont & Chandler for about an hour I spotted a really beautiful farm that looked like it had a B&B on site, so up the long dirt driveway I went only to find out it was a private property … luckily the owner was very much obliging and agreed to let me shoot on their land.

The shoot took place a few weeks later on a very warm afternoon and both T&I were such great sports, they climbed fences, walked through pooy paddocks and braved the creepy crawlys hiding in the long grass, all in sweltering conditions ! Tarryn was a dream to shoot she has such a gorgeous smile and infectious laugh, Izzy couldn’t keep his hands off her :) When Izzy wasn’t falling in Love all over again he was getting his farm boy on, especially  when the horses decided my props were lunch.He managed to distract them and calmly heard them away (by this stage i had jumped the fence)

Thanks for a great afternoon guys, you make a beautiful couple and I wish you many years of happiness together x

Big Thank You to –

Maree: for letting me shoot on her property

J. Rea: for assisting me on the day


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