Our Fun-tastic Family

It’s on a very rare occasion that my family is all together in one place, my sister lives in Sydney and my parents in South Africa so when it finally did happen I had to grab the opportunity to take some pics. (note to self : must get a family portrait)

It was a lovely afternoon in Sydney so we headed out for a coffee and for little Peach to feed the fishes. My sisters parents-in-law joined us and what fun we had – little Peach was the apple of everyone’s eye and it was so sweet to watch her basking in the love from both sets of grandparents ! Though I’m sure she missed her Uncle Prawn …  as did I :)

Treasure your time with your family and don’t forget to snap a pic or two to keep the memories living on !



© a photo by gd© a photo by gd© a photo by gd


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