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Thought for the day …

My Husband recently took a job up North (Groote Eylandt to be precise) and being apart has been a challenge that I sometimes feel is defeating me, but then I remind myself that unlike many wives around the world whose husbands are off fighting someone else’s war, I have it easy. I know when he is coming back, we can speak on the phone everyday and I don’t have to fear for his life !

So this week I decided to start a new routine and send my husband an inspirational quote every morning as he has made a huge sacrifice for us and I have so much respect for his strength and dedication!  I Other than being really soppy there is actually a  point of this post, Todays quote really made an impression on me and I wanted to share it !

(i’ve teamed it up with a photo taken at a South African music festival, Splashy Fen , earlier this year, sadly I can’t remember the name of this band but the vocalist danced like no one was watching )

When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor.

It’s to enjoy each step along the way.

© Wayne Dyer

a photo by gd


9 thoughts on “Thought for the day …

    • a photo by gd says:

      Thanks for the info Mark, who would have thought that a rock/indie band would come out of Pop Idol ( I didn’t even know that show was still around )
      Look forward to seeing you all next year !
      (maybe I can convince you to give me a lesson or two ? )


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