Visiting Melbourne – its a Smörgåsbord for the soul

Late last year I enjoyed a ladies weekend in Melbourne with some work colleagues.  We were a rather diverse bunch made up of one Swede, One Hungarian and two South Africans. Now although I had visited this gorgeous city many times before, this was the perfect opportunity to explore the city as tourists and I guess tourists we were !

Our visit coincided with the Melbourne festival which is one of Australia’s leading international arts festivals, it runs for approx. two weeks ( I stand to be corrected here) and the already vibrant city of Melbourne is filled with an array of art forms for visitors and locals to enjoy. It was tremendous fun walking around the city during the festival, every which way you turned your head there was something or someone waiting to be admired, explored or examined.

Below are just a few images from our day in the city ! Be sure to see the feature at the end on Wayne , although not a particpant of the festival, he was the most inspiring Artist there – well in my opinion anyway !


Pictured above is Wayne. He is a homeless Artist in Melbourne, trying to make a living on his Artwork.  Although very shy  at first, Wayne was more than obliging when I asked if I could take a few photos. My heart really does go out to him, he is such a gentle character with a passion for his art and making the most out of his life.

For more of Waynes Story see Scratching under the Surface – this blogger did a piece on Wayne back in August 2011.


One thought on “Visiting Melbourne – its a Smörgåsbord for the soul

  1. Shaun lafferty says:

    Amazing pictures gill. You have such a great eye for seeing the art in what other people see as everyday stuff. I really love your work.


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